SAC's Pastors & Staff

Rev. Dr. Scott Ream

Senior Pastor

email: sream@somersetalliance.org

Rev. Donald Robson

Pastor of Visitation & Assimilation 

email: drobson@somersetalliance.org

Mrs. Ashleigh weaver

Director of Worship & Family Ministries

email: aweaver@somersetalliance.org

Mrs. denise howard

Director of Local & Global Connections

email: dhoward@somersetalliance.org

Mrs. Tanya witt

Director of Congregational Care

email: twitt@somersetalliance.org

Mrs. Jenna hay

Director of Children's Ministry (Elementary)

email: jhay@somersetalliance.org

Mrs. Sarah koval

Director of Children's Ministry (Preschool)

email: skoval@somersetalliance.org

Mrs. Kathy ansell

Office Manager

email: kansell@somersetalliance.org