NOVEMBER 18, 2020
Hello SAC Family!
Tuesday evening the Governing Board was able to have a virtual meeting. They decided with the continual rise in Covid-19 cases, we will not have Wednesday evening church on November 18th. This includes Club 354, Youth Group, Adult Bible Study, and Grief Share.
Sunday, November 22nd church service will be virtual only as well. You can access the service here ___________________
We hope to resume some in-person service next Wednesday, November 25th for our Thanksgiving Eve service. Watch for details on this.
Please remember upon returning:
  • If you are in a high-risk category, please consider staying home. We love you but also understand that this virus is more threatening to you.
  • If you or any family show any symptoms (i.e. fever, cold symptoms, etc) or have been exposed to someone with the virus. Please stay home as well.
  • Please consider wearing a mask upon entering church while the Covid cases continue to rise in the county.

JULY 4, 2020
Hello SAC church family.
Thank you for all you have done to show support to SAC and the community during this pandemic. It is encouraging to see the body of Christ join together in unity.
The following is an update to our Covid 19 church response:
  • We will continue to hold both live and online services on Sunday mornings at 10:15. We encourage you to join us either in person or online. If you are in a high-risk category or feel more comfortable worshiping at home, please feel free to do so. We fully understand.
  • For those attending, please remember to social distance by sitting near those in your home and leaving space between others. The size of our sanctuary allows us to easily social distance when in the pews.
  • In an attempt to limit the number of people congregating in the main foyer area, we have placed tables in four locations downstairs and four locations in the balcony. If you want a paper bulletin, you can pick it up there. On the Sundays we share communion, you can also pick up your disposable communion supplies at these locations.
  • Upon the recommendations by our government and our C&MA district leadership, if you are able, we encourage you to wear a mask when entering the church building. Upon social distancing in the pews, your mask may be removed for worship (if you desire).
Thank you for your continued giving and support to Somerset Alliance Church and our ministries. You can give in the offering plate at the doors (if attending in person), online through our mobile app, or through the mail. We look forward to the time when this pandemic is behind us and we can all be in person together again.

 MAY 2020
It is with excitement and anticipation that we share with you we will open for in-person live worship (in the sanctuary) on Sunday, June 7, 2020 at 10:15 am!

The Governing Board held a special Governing Board meeting on Sunday night to finalize our plans to safely reopen. Our original plan was to open at the end of June. However, since Somerset County has now gone green, we feel it is time to open our doors for public corporate worship again.  We cannot wait to see all of you!
We understand there are opinions/views on each side of the spectrum as to the process we should use to reopen.  It is after much prayer that the following plan was developed.

  • We will return to our regular time of worship at 10:15 on Sunday, June 7th. The size of our facility allows us to return to our regular service time and keep under the 50% capacity recommended by the CDC. 
  • You will be able to select your own seat.  Just remember to be respectful of those around you who may still be wanting to social distance. 
  • Masks will be optional.  You will not be looked down upon for wearing one or not wearing one. 
  • For the month of June, we will not offer Sunday School, Children’s Church, or nurseries.  We hope to return to these ministries soon. 
  • We value children and families!  You are invited and encouraged to bring your children to our worship service.  We will have a children’s sermon during the service.  We also invite children to bring a Wi-Fi device (iPad, kindle, smart phone, etc.) and headphones to the service.  While the sermon is given, children will be able to log on to our YouTube page to have their very own message from Jenna, Aubrey, and Sarah.  The Fireside Room will also be set up for a Family Room where the service will be streamed. 
  • As the Body of Christ, we love each other, but we are encouraging our greeters to not shake hands but to verbally greet those who enter the building.  We ask you to also refrain from shaking hands and hugging. 
  • We encourage you to utilize our app to access the bulletin but will have some bulletins printed for you in the foyer. 
  • We regularly clean the building.  But we have been very diligent in disinfecting door handles and other surfaces.  We will also be covering the water fountains and asking you not to use them.  Feel free to bring water bottles with you.
  • If your health is compromised, you are elderly, or if you are sick, please feel free to continue to stay at home.  Please keep sick kids at home as well.  Our service will still be available on our YouTube channel (Somerset Alliance Church) or on Facebook Live.

It has been exciting to see the body of Christ be creative in reaching out to our community in so many ways during this pandemic.  We look forward to gathering corporately together again so we can continue to scatter out to impact our neighbors and nations to be passionate followers of Christ.